Public Dating Only

There are few people that can go for days or even weeks without speaking to another person. These people will fill in the silence with music, videos or television. They require some sort of noise because they are not the type of people that want to listen to the thoughts in their heads. There is nothing really wrong with this because humans are very social creatures. Society helps to reinforce this by making it more acceptable to have a date or long term partner for many public events.

There are some people that simply prefer to be alone. When no one is with them, they do not experience loneliness. Often they find that being alone is more of a relief than anything else. Unfortunately, these people must still interact with others. Some may work at home but be expected to attend company events. Others may work at an office or specified location on a regular basis. These people often can't wait to get home so they can be alone.

For those that must attend social events, it is difficult for them to find a partner or date. Other people want more than just a now and then date. They expect a relationship to develop over time. This is where an independent escort may be of value. The escort will not expect a continued relationship and will be willing to be there for public purposes only. Once an event is over, they will go home alone because there is no personal relationship involved.

People that continue to need a date for many different social events might consider using an escort agency. The agency will provide a variety of escorts for public dating. These people will not expect to form any type of long term personal relationship with their clients.