Life Without a Relationship

There are few people that want to go through life without a close and intimate relationship. Making the choice of being in a relationship that is close and intimate is more than a social need for any person. It is also a biological need for human beings. Their brains are wired to push them into a relationship in order to be able to reproduce. Every species has this same wiring for reproduction in their brain, and few escape it. Human beings do have the ability to override this biological imperative as far as being in a relationship, but few make that choice.

For those that decide to stay out of close and intimate relationships, they will find they are constantly fighting a number of factors. Family and friends will constantly try to find the perfect mate for them. Protests that they are not seeking someone will go unheard by these well-meaning people. They just know the person is only waiting until they find the right one for them.

Many people that are not in a relationship find the pressure to experience physical intimacy may be difficult to bear at times. Staying out of a relationship is possible if they have found a fuck buddy to take care of their needs. Relationships are not what fuck buddies are seeking. No matter what they really want out of life, a relationship is not part of it.

There are very few people in the world that are seeking no strings attached sex. Most of them would rather be in a relationship before they are willing to share physical intimacy. For those rare people that find a partner like this, it gives them the freedom to choose the lifestyle they want. Whether they will eventually choose to be in a relationship or not, it will not be due to the need for physical intimacy.