Asserting Relationship Control

There are few people who believe they will ever be in a bad relationship, but it happens more often than people know. Many are those who became enamored with a person who seemed normal, but they eventually found the other person demanded proof of loyalty by making outlandish demands. Remaining with a partner in this type of relationship is often a fight of wills, and those who want to stay with their partner have the unenviable task of asserting relationship control.

Whenever a partner is unreasonable in what they ask, it is a red flag that should be taken seriously. Many people who resort to this type of behavior tend to be bullies, and they are interested in nothing more than feeling the thrill of demeaning their partner. It might seem they are incapable of love or deserving of it, but there are those who do love them in return. It comes down to controlling this person before their demands become excessively abusive.

Asserting control in a relationship might be counter to what most people crave, but there are times when it is necessary. A partner who makes unreasonable demands needs to be taught their behavior is inappropriate, so backing them down at every opportunity is the best to way remain with them. It takes a great deal of effort, and any missed opportunity will make continuing to modify their behavior much more difficult. Staying the course in a relationship of this type requires a person to have a strong will and a lot of love for their partner.

Striking a balance between two people in a regular relationship can be extremely difficult, so a relationship with a controlling partner takes much more effort than normal. Those who believe it is a good investment in their future should be prepared to do the work necessary, or they will eventually find they regret their commitment.